Hi all,

Here is the chemistry web site.  It is now complete

Revision notes and other useful links can be found on the Year 8 section on their own page.




Technical Info

The videos on this web site are avi files encoded using the xvid codec.  this codec and many others can be downloaded and installed from a variety of web sites the K lite codec pack is very useful. The videoLan player is an open source player that will also play almost any video file and is available for at least 19 different operating systems.  For ipad download VM player HD lite. This will allow you to watch videos up to 30 minutes long. For longer videos you will need to buy the full version.

One of the pieces of software that we have available for teaching you is Sunflower for Science.  It is very useful as it has great animations that help explain scientific ideas.


You may well see your teachers using this in class.  There may be a particular animation that your teacher will suggest you look at again at a later date to help you revise / consolidate your understanding.


They will give you a code that will be several letters an numbers long to enable you to access this.


You will need to install some software onto your ipad / pc / mac book from this site.  Unfortunately it does not work on phones.



Once you have done this you will be able to put the code into the box on the top left of the screen.


You do not need to log in.

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